Birmingham Paint Ball

If you haven't played paintball you really need to get to a paint ball field and give it a try. Most importantly, safety really MUST be your first priority, because one slip and you would easily be missing an eyeball.

If you don't have a paintball mask that is in good condition, DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT PLAYING. You will get hit in the face and the mask is the only thing you have to protect your eyes.

Paintball uses a Paintball Gun (or marker for those that think guns are bad) uses CO2 or compressed air to shoot a paint filled rubber ball at a target. The paint ball usually bursts on contact leaving a paint stain on what ever gets hit. As a side note, when you get hit with a paintball plan on a bruise in the target area! If you have your own equipment that's great, but most fields will rent you everything you need for a very reasonable price.

There are many different ways to play paintball, but my favorite way is to load up family and friends and head to the nearest paint ball field. If you have enough people, you can split into teams or if there is another group at the field, you can challenge them to a match. In Birmingham, we're lucky to have a great place to play that's close (Fort Red Rock) that has multiple courses you can play, excellent rental equipment and referees to make sure people leave the game when they are hit.

Games begin with teams starting at opposite ends of the course and the referee in the middle will start the game when everyone is ready. When the game starts, you move and fire at the other team and the team with the last man standing wins.

Paintball is great fun and can be a team building exercise for groups that need to learn to work together or it can be an awesome way to just vent some steam. No matter, remember to wear a few layers of long sleeve clothing, and bring plenty of liquids to drink because even on a cool day you'll sweat! Another note, before you go to a paintball park, visit their website to download a waiver...having the paperwork done before hand speeds the check in process greatly.

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